Electric Circuits

Third grade had a blast working with electric circuits! We tested out different conductors and insulators. The students discovered that metal items (paperclips, coins, and aluminum foil) are conductors, and rubber items (erasers and rubber bands) are insulators.

Career Interviews

The third grade students have been busy conducting interviews recently. Each pair chose to focus on one career that interests them. They had loads of fun getting into character! Some of them were born for the big screen!

Click the names to see the videos.

Emma and Bailey
Crawford and Ann Howarth
Luke and Adam
Beck and Rowan
Swayze and Adaya
Ryder and Catherine
Lexie Scott and Shelby
Kate Ellis and Riley
Ramon and Allie
Colton and Shepherd
Elizabeth and Jax
Dawson and Emory
Wyatt and Charlie
Brixton and Lena

Science Fair

These third graders did awesome in the science fair this morning! So proud of their love for science!